New space age

New human challenges.

Human Factors Engineering for Space Sector

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

At Human design Group, we have a passion for creating environments and tools that optimise human performance in the space sector. Our team of experts, passionate about innovation and objective results, works closely with space agencies, companies and researchers to develop bespoke solutions that meet the unique challenges of the space sector.

Our integrated, user-centred approach ensures that every dimension of our projects, from the design of industrial spaces to the ergonomics of augmented astronaut equipment and the optimisation of user interfaces, maximises the comfort, safety and efficiency of astronauts and space professionals.

Operational challenge

At the beginning comes an operational challenge to be answered.

We use a human-centered approach to translate user needs into design solutions, actively involving end-users throughout the design process. Our design concepts are then validated against real operational context to bring the most operational value out of the solutions.

Human research
and behavioral analysis

We analyze operational activities to capture concrete human factor issues and identify design opportunities. We accelerate research studies to better understand human performance in the space context (stress, workload, fatigue…) thanks to our R&D lab.


We design innovative concepts with a focus on operational performance. From disruptive operational concepts to intuitive HMIs and innovative control rooms, we integrate the entire design cycle required for space operations, always putting people first.

Operational evaluation
and validation

Several times during the design cycle, we validate solutions through rigorous methodologies which reproduce representative operational tasks. This ensure the efficiency of the final solutions, notably when corner cases or non-nominal cases occur.

Enhance your space program

3, 2, 1... Ignition!

A team of experts to help you ignite the future of space operations.


Anticipate the future by discovering the potential of new technologies in space operations and manufacturing

Stand out

Stand out from your competitors with state-of-the-art operational performance and attractive, intuitive interfaces (wow effect).

Scale up

Control your operational activities and prepare for future transformations (training, turnover and scaling up).)

What can you expect from us

A complete portfolio of solutions

We provide tailored solutions regarding your needs and the maturity of your project.

Command & Control room design

Integrate operational needs in the design of control rooms for efficient operations: :

  • Room layout with technical architecture
  • Ergonomics
  • Furnitures
  • Lighting and acoustic studies
  • VR simulation for validation

Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT)

Address the whole human factor scope for Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT):

  • Capture of operational knowledge
  • Training plan for expert gestures
  • Health & safety ergonomics
  • Human-centered lean manufacturing
  • Risk assessment for human error

Space habitat

Design innovative solutions to tackle the enthusiastic challenges of human life in space:

  • Solutions for stress and fatigue
  • HMI for domotics
  • Virtual assistant concepts,
  • Iterative design in virtual environment (VR)
  • Tests in analog missions.

User Research
In Human-centered Design

Understanding the physiological and psychological impacts of operations to better design space solutions:

  • On-demand scientific state-of-the-art
  • Human research Lab
  • Human monitoring systems
  • Human factors assessment

Operational Concepts
for space operations

Define the best operational organization to reach optimum immediate and long-term system performance:

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Training plan and turnover consideration
  • Integration of AI and automation in human operations

UX/UI design
for control HMIs

Design state-of-the-art HMIs for operators in order to efficiently supervise and control space operations (Satellites, SSA, Human space flight):

  • Design thinking methodologies
  • Capture of user needs
  • Realistic dynamic wireframes
  • Graphical chart

The future of satellite supervision

In the Domino-X project, we designed the future of satellite operations by defining an AI-driven operational organization. The 10-operator CONOPS was managed in a innovative control room, whose design took experience from the best practices found in other domains (nuclear, rail, air traffic control….) and ergonomics standards.

State-of-the art supervision HMI

We designed state-of-the art supervision HMI to offer an efficient supervision of satellite constellation. UX methods were used to propose an easy-to-use wall of screens which allows to identify major problems at a glance, reducing the operational effort linked to the supervision of a huge quantity of data.

Meet ÉOS, the recovery solution for astronauts !

We designed ÉOS, the New Recovery Experience for everyone, and specially for astronauts. Integrating a set of innovative technologies, ÉOS provides a deep restful experience to optimize the recovery, considering the available time, and supervise the state of the user in real-time to adapt the session if needed. ÉOS is used to reduce stress, fight sleep inertia and optimize sleep. Come to see our ÉOS lab in Toulouse !

  • Stress managementCardiac coherence, biofeedback, augmented sound
  • Fatigue managementOptimising sleep time and quality
  • Support for returning to workFor optimum performance
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